Resources and Support for the Plus Sized Rider

Every few months a discussion board post geared toward bad-mouthing plus sized riders comes up.  Some tack shops still don’t order anything above a size large, even if the manufacturer makes it in bigger sizes. It used to be you were out of luck if you needed breeches above a size 34.

Even though there is still discrimination, some fantastic resources have come about in the last few years.

This is a master list of online shops, manufacturers, resale groups, and support sites dealing with bigger riders. If you have something to add, let me know.


Fuller Fillies is an awesome brand. SmartPak carries a lot of their stuff for the US market, but you can also order directly from their website.

Fuller Fillies UK Website

SmartPak Equine also has a great selection of their own brands, and some great national brands that come in a plus size.

SmartPak Plus Size Rider Section

Equestrian Collections  has their 1824 shop for plus sized riders.

Equestrian Collections 1824

HorseLoverz also carries quite a few things in plus, though it is mixed in with the rest of the inventory.


RJ Classics makes hunt coats, hunter shad bellies, and dressage coats in plus sizes.

RJ Classics Women’s Selection

Though there may be some other distributors out there, I find these companies to carry the largest selection of plus size apparel.



Here is a list of Facebook sales groups specializing in plus sizes (some may require a request to join):

Plus Sized Show Clothes covers both English and Western, but it’s a very inclusive group and I’ve seen some good items pass through there.

Fuller Fillies Pre-Loved UK is a group exclusively for the resale of Fuller Fillies branded items. One of the FF founders (Suz) is on the group, and sometimes she unloads old stock or one-off items on here.

Fuller Fillies Pre-Loved US & Canada is another group exclusively for Fuller Fillies resale. It is run by the same people who run the UK version, but it’s for North America. It doesn’t get quite as much traffic as the UK version, but it is a newer group.

The English Plus Size Ride Sales Page is a US-based group focusing solely on English items. It is tied in with a community group for plus sized riders and it gets some good items.


Community & Support

It’s nice to be able to commiserate with people who have been where you are. Here are a few Facebook groups and websites specializing in curvy riders:

The English Plus Sized Rider is a great group. Riders share photos and experiences, and the group is very supportive. It is here where I found enough interest to get this blog started.

EighteenHands is a Facebook group for plus sized equestrians. The owner, Lizzy, documents her experiences with her mare Willow. She also has an associated website, which lists tons of resources from where to shop, to barn recommendations for places who are size accepting.

A Fat Girl & A Fat Horse is another Facebook page and blog documenting the owner’s experiences as a plus sized rider. Her blog is located at and she also has a page for resale.

There is also (of course I have to give it a plug!) a Facebook page associated with this blog located at The Plus Equestrian!

I hope you are enjoying this blog. I am certainly enjoying writing it, and I’m looking forward to sharing more insights.



(Jacket-RJ Classics, Shirt-Bradley by SmartPak, Breeches-Bradley Plus by SmartPak, Boots-Fuller Fillies)



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