Review: Piper Plus Breeches by SmartPak

These are hands down my favorite breeches. I have 3 pairs, and I will continue to buy more of them.

They are made by SmartPak, so they are only available through them. They come in many colors, and they come in a knee patch style as well as a full seat style.

They are great because they have neat little details, like contrasting piping on the pockets, contrasting belt loops, and contrasting stitching on the knee patch or full seat.



Front Detail



Back Detail (sorry, I didn’t realize how much pet hair was on them when I took the photo!)



Stitching around the knee patch

Currently I have a grey pair with light gray piping, a navy blue pair with teal piping, and a dark gray pair with salmon pink piping.



Here you can see the teal detail on the rear pockets of my navy blue pair. Maybe. Well, here’s a pair in action.

The fabric is really great. It is heavy, but not hot. It is very stretchy, so you will probably want to go down a size when you order them. As a fluffy girl, I don’t like thin cotton breeches because they don’t hide flaws or cellulite. These breeches are heavy enough that they don’t show anything. They are very flattering. Everything you wish to keep a secret, will stay secret.

They’re also extremely comfortable. They are just as stretchy as a thinner pair of cotton breeches. They are hardy. I’ve had mine for a year now, and I get a lot of use out of them.

The knee patch version is $84.95, and the full seat version is $94.95. They aren’t the cheapest breeches, but they look nice than their cheaper counterparts, and they will also last longer. They also have some of the best color options for plus sizes around.

I wear an 18/20 in pants and I’m comfortable in a 40. The sizes for plus range from 38 to 46.

I highly recommend these breeches.

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1 Response to Review: Piper Plus Breeches by SmartPak

  1. Lauren says:

    I’ve tried these in the regular size and the fit is just very bad on me. Wide in the waist, but tight through the legs. I have to wear a belt to keep them from sliding down. I should look at the size chart better to see if getting the plus ones would help with the sizing problems.


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