Review: Bradley Plus Soft Shell Breeches by Smartpak

I bet you thought I had a raving review for everything, didn’t you?

Not these.

Once upon a time I had 3 pairs of Bradley Soft Shell Breeches. It was a late night impulse purchase under the influence of alcohol. Damn you, SmartPak, for allowing me to save my credit card information!

Luckily, they don’t sell them anymore. BUT, they show up on resale groups a lot, so this is still relevant.

Quality: The fabric is OK. It pills rather quickly, and it holds tight to dirt like nobody’s business.

Fit: These don’t fit me at all. I sold 2 of my pairs, and still have one pair left. The waist is really big on me, and the legs are tight. I’m pretty curvy. I’ve got an hourglass type figure. I suppose if you had proportionally smaller legs and carried most of your weight in your midsection, these would work well. I can barely get them over my booty, and when I sit, the front comes almost up to my boobs. It isn’t pretty. I wore them to ride today, and my husband said “Those aren’t your most flattering breeches.”

Price: They are only available used now. I sold my very lightly used pairs for $30 to $35 a piece. Don’t let someone rip you off, especially since they are something that may or may not work.

Verdict: Unless you have the aforementioned body type with a thick middle and thin legs, pass. You’re much better off going with the super stretchy Piper breeches, or something from Fuller Fillies like the Puppi Jodhpur. I will share my review of those soon.

For posterity, here are the Bradleys in action. You can see the bunching around my midsection, and the dirt on the thigh, even though I did nothing messy before I got on.


Top-Swing by Bette&Court


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