Review: Fuller Fillies Puppi Jodhpur

Think of your closet. You know those pants I’m thinking of? We all have them. They’re our fat pants. Our wearable comfort blanket. When you’re not feeling 100%, or you feel bloated, those are the pants you reach for.

These are the the breeches equivalent of my fat pants.

I’m on my fourth pair.

I bought my first pair of Puppi Jods in 2010. I recently had to toss them because I wore holes in the butt. I sold 2 pairs that I had in tan because I never wear tan breeches unless I’m showing. I have one pair left. It might be time to order more!

Quality: The fabric is outstanding. It is nice and thick, so it hides flaws, but isn’t overly hot. My first pair lasted 4 years of regular use, washing, and drying. I was not gentle. My second pair was purchased only a few months after that, and they’re still going strong. Both are black. They have faded a tiny bit, but what black material, when exposed to constant desert sun, wouldn’t?

Fit: I love them! I like breeches that come all the way up to my natural waist, and these do. They are jodhpurs, so they are wider at the bottom of the leg and come with a strap for over your boots. After many many trips through the dryer, mine have gotten narrower. It has never been an issue for me, though. They fit fine under paddock boots and half chaps or tall boots. I gather them at the outside of my calf and fold over the extra material.

Price: SmartPak charges $74.95 US. You can also order them on the Fuller Fillies website along with many other offerings for riding pants.

Verdict: Everyone needs a pair. They’re comfy, they’re flattering, and they last!


Here I am rocking my Puppi Jods. They’re very flattering.

Top-Swing by Bette&Court, helmet-Tipperary, visor-Equivisor, Boots&Half Chaps-Ariat

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